Variety: The Best and Worst Stephen King Adaptations Ranked

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A look at the 20 best (and 10 lamest) Stephen King movies.

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James Bond Radio: An Inside Look at Luciana Paluzzi’s Suprise Q&A at a ‘Thunderball’ Screening in Los Angeles

An event report about Luciana Paluzzi’s recent public appearance at a ‘Thunderball’ screening in LA.

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Variety: Ranking the 10 Most Terrifying Gators and Crocs in Movie History

In anticipation of the new horror film CRAWL, here are ten of the deadliest movie reptiles of all time.

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James Bond Radio: Book Designer Charles Brock Discusses His Work on ‘Colonel Sun’

An interview with designer Charles Brock about the stylish cover he created for “Colonel Sun.”

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James Bond Radio: Podcast Interview with ‘Licence to Kill’ Actor Grand L. Bush

I conducted an hour-long audio interview with actor Grand L. Bush about his role as Hawkins in “Licence to Kill.”

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James Bond Radio: Fascinating New Film Explores the Career of ‘Moonraker’ Actor Marc Mazza (EXCLUSIVE)

The exclusive premiere of a new video documenting the career of ’60s and ’70s French character actor Marc Mazza.

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United Airlines: Canadian Adventures – The Top Cities to Visit in Canada

Night scene of downtown Toronto
A regional travel guide to Canada’s best vacation cities.

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