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DISH Network: Travel Tips – How to Stay Connected

Handy suggestions for keeping in contact while you’re exploring the world.

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DISH Network: How to Move Your Entertainment Center the Right Way

A practical guide to transporting your home entertainment center.

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DISH Network: 6 Super Bowl Champions Who Hosted Saturday Night Live

A look at six legendary Super Bowl champions who said the magic words: “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!”

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DISH Network: 5 Football Heroes Who Became Movie Stars

A look at five professional players who successfully transitioned from sports heroes to movie stars.

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DISH Network – Will Smith’s “Concussion” Makes a Serious Impact

A review of Will Smith’s powerful new sports drama “Concussion.”

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DISH Network: Movie Lover Gift Ideas for the Holidays

A few specially selected items that will put a smile on the face of every film lover!

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DISH Network: Fun Halloween Movies for the Whole Family

‘Tis the season to be spooky! And what better way to celebrate Halloween than by gathering the family together for a ghostly good movie. To help you decide which titles are suitable for youngsters, here are some bewitching recommendations, listed in order from the most gentle to the splendidly scary. So light your jack-o’-lanterns, pass the candy corn and get ready for an eerie-sistible Halloween film festival!

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DISH Network: The Greatest Football Movies of All-Time

Few subjects are as inherently cinematic as football. From the spectacle of victory to the drama of defeat, the sport has been depicted on-screen numerous times to varying degrees of success. To help you program a football film festival, here’s a look at five of the greatest gridiron movies ever made.

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DISH Network: Keeping Up With Recent Health News

These days, keeping up with the latest health news can be tricky business. What’s good for you one minute is bad for you the next. To help make sense of it all, this hilarious video from FUSION’s “Come Here and Say That” is just what the doctor ordered!

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DISH Network: Would You Let a Stranger Read Your Search History?

It’s a secret that many of us guard with our lives. The data it contains could damage relationships and cause undue shame and embarrassment if exposed. It’s your cell phone’s search history—and no one would be brave enough to share it with a complete stranger…or would they? In this outrageous video from FUSION’s “Come Here and Say That,” a group of random participants were put to the test!

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