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Matthew Chernov is a journalist, screenwriter, and podcaster based in Los Angeles. His films have premiered on NBC, the SyFy Channel, Lifetime Network, Spike TV and the Hallmark Channel, and his articles can be read at VarietyUnited Airlines, James Bond Radio, The DISH Network, In-House Writer, and NewsCred.

He specializes in crafting film and television press kits for Amazon Studios, Sony Pictures, Blumhouse, A24, Paramount Pictures, Focus Features, Lionsgate, CNN, Bleecker Street, etc.

He co-hosts the podcast How the West Was ‘Cast about the Western film genre.

Click HERE for a list of film credits.

Click HERE for a list of articles.

Click HERE to listen to episodes of “How the West Was ‘Cast”


  1. Absolutely love the podcast! Binged it all. I’ll follow where you two lead, but I’ll admit if you ever do a Charles Bronson episode I’ll be beholdin’ to you both.

    • Mark, thank you so much for this message! I’m absolutely thrilled that you’re listening and enjoying the podcast as much as we enjoy bringing it to you. It really means a lot to us, as this is basically a labor of love for me and Andrew. As for your suggestion, I guarantee that you’ll be seeing a Bronson episode in the future. In fact, he made so many great Westerns, it might have to be our first two-parter! Out of curiosity, if you had to pick three Bronson titles to choose from, which would you personally select? In the meantime, I’m going to pass your kind words on to Andrew. He’ll be as delighted as I am to receive your gracious support. Thanks again, Mark. You made my day.

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