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VARIETY: How ‘Yellowstone’ and ‘1923’ Made Cowboy Hats Chic Again

VARIETY: 10 Things ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Does Better Than ‘The Walking Dead’

VARIETY: The 30 Best Zombie Movies of All Time

VARIETY: How ‘Tulsa King’ Captured the Grungy Side of Oklahoma

VARIETY: 9 Western Audiobooks for Fans of ‘Yellowstone’

VARIETY: Ranking the Best 40 Episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’

VARIETY: ‘Yellowstone’: 9 Plot Twists to Remember Before the Season 5 Premiere

VARIETY: 15 Character Deaths That Changed ‘The Walking Dead’ Forever

VARIETY: All 13 Films in the ‘Halloween’ Franchise Ranked from Worst to Best

VARIETY: Rob Zombie’s Films Ranked from Worst to Best

VARIETY: 15 Television Podcasts Worth Listening To

VARIETY: 12 Travel Audiobooks for Armchair Tourists

VARIETY: The Best Podcasts About Old Hollywood

VARIETY: 12 Horror Movie Podcasts to Make You Scream

JAMES BOND RADIO: How to Live Like Bond at Geejam Hotel in Jamaica

VARIETY: The 20 Best Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

VARIETY: The Most Incredible James Bond Locations in Jamaica

VARIETY: 12 Horror Audiobooks That Will Chill Your Blood

VARIETY: The Most Amazing James Bond Vehicles at L.A.’s New 007 Museum Exhibit

VARIETY: The Best New Political Audio Books

VARIETY: 14 Alternative Movie Posters You Need on Your Walls

VARIETY: 12 Soundtracks You Need to Hear on Vinyl

VARIETY: Adrienne Barbeau on the Enduring Impact of ‘Escape from New York’ 40 Years Later

VARIETY: Sheena Easton on the 40th Anniversary of ‘For Your Eyes Only’

VARIETY: 13 Zombie Gifts for Horror Fans

VARIETY: The 20 Goriest Traps in the ‘Saw’ Series

VARIETY: The Best Graphic Novels Written By Celebrities

VARIETY: The Top Film Roles of DMX

VARIETY: 10 Monsters Godzilla Should Fight in His Next Movie

VARIETY: 10 Easter Eggs and Hidden References in ‘Godzilla vs. Kong”

VARIETY: Ranking Every Godzilla Movie

VARIETY: The Best Gifts for James Bond Fans

VARIETY: Friday the 13th at 40: Ranking All the Jason Voorhees Films

JAMES BOND RADIO: Talking Ornithology and Espionage with ‘The Real James Bond’ Author Jim Wright

JAMES BOND RADIO: Exploring the Secrets of Bond Villain Architecture with LAIR Author Chad Oppenheim

VARIETY: Robert Pattinson Finds the “Twilight” Premise ‘Weird’

VARIETY: Robert Pattinson Says Actors Only Go Method When Playing A-Holes

VARIETY: Robert Pattinson Thinks JLO Would Make an ‘Awesome’ Batman

VARIETY: Laura Dern Calls Out the Double Standard Between Mothers and Fathers

JAMES BOND RADIO: An Interview with “Bond Girls” Author Monica Germana

VARIETY: Rob Zombie and Cast of “3 from Hell” Offer Get-Well Wishes to Ailing Co-Star Sid Haig

VARIETY: 10 Stephen King Films That Deserve Remakes

VARIETY: The Best and Worst Stephen King Adaptations

JAMES BOND RADIO: An Inside Look at Luciana Paluzzi’s Suprise Q&A at a ‘Thunderball’ Screening in Los Angeles

VARIETY: Ranking the 10 Most Terrifying Gators and Crocs in Movie History

JAMES BOND RADIO: Book Designer Charles Brock Discusses His Work on ‘Colonel Sun’

JAMES BOND RADIO: Podcast Interview with ‘Licence to Kill’ Star Grand L. Bush

JAMES BOND RADIO: Fascinating New Film Explores the Career of ‘Moonraker’ Actor Marc Mazza (EXCLUSIVE)

JAMES BOND RADIO: Actress Rachel Grant Talks About Her Role in ‘Die Another Day’

JAMES BOND RADIO: Inside the New Book ‘The Many Facets of Diamonds Are Forever’

JAMES BOND RADIO: Inside the Cover Design of ‘Forever and a Day’

JAMES BOND RADIO: Actor Daz Crawford Talks About His Role in ‘The World is Not Enough’

JAMES BOND RADIO: “Team Bond” May Be Closer Than We Think

JAMES BOND RADIO: Rami Malek Unlikely to Portray the Villain in Bond 25, Despite Casting Attempt

JAMES BOND RADIO: Meet Matthew Chernov, JBR’s Los Angeles 007 Correspondent

JAMES BOND RADIO: Actor Mark Umbers Sheds Light on His Experience Playing Sir Roger Moore

JAMES BOND RADIO: Talking Tech with André Millard, Author of the New Book ‘Equipping James Bond’

VARIETY: The Creepiest Nuns in Movie History

JAMES BOND RADIO: Inside the Hotel Palácio’s James Bond Experience

VARIETY: The Best Movie Dogs of All Time

VARIETY: 30 Terrifying Horror Movies Streaming in Time for Halloween

VARIETY: 5 Lessons ‘The Dark Tower’ Could Learn from ‘IT’

VARIETY: The 20 Creepiest Clowns in Movies and TV

ARTISTIC LICENSE RENEWED: Ian Fleming On Screen: Inside the Making of ‘Come Before Winter’

VARIETY: ‘Becoming Bond’ Director Sees George Lazenby and Daniel Craig as Kindred Spirits

VARIETY: Pierce Brosnan Stars in Psychological Thriller ‘Spinning Man’

VARIETY: Michael Douglas Shares Secrets of His Long Career, From ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ to ‘Wall Street’

VARIETY: Howard Stern’s ‘Private Parts’ at 20: From Raunchy Memoir to Crossover Hit

VARIETY: 25 Genre Films That Should Have Been Nominated for Best Picture

VARIETY: The Kinkiest Movies Ever Made

VARIETY: How ‘Resident Evil’ Beat the Video-Game Movie Curse

VARIETY: Why We Never Saw George Romero’s ‘Resident Evil’ Movie

VARIETY: The 10 Bloodiest, Craziest Moments in the ‘Resident Evil’ Series

JAMES BOND RADIO: Composer John Altman Explains What Went Wrong with GoldenEye’s Score

VARIETY: 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

VARIETY: The 15 Baddest Santas in Movies & TV

JAMES BOND RADIO: An Interview with 007 Actress Gloria Hendry

JAMES BOND RADIO: Gloria Hendry’s Jazz Tribute to the Songs of James Bond

VARIETY: 30 Scariest Horror Movies Streaming in Time for Halloween

VARIETY: The 12 Strangest Schools in Movies & TV

VARIETY: Ten Terrifying Found Footage Films (and Five That Should’ve Stayed Lost)

VARIETY: ‘The Oliver Stone Experience’ Illuminates Controversial Director’s Career

VARIETY: The Most Memorable Monsters at Guillermo del Toro’s LACMA Exhibit

JAMES BOND RADIO: An Interview with Two Professional James Bond Impersonators – Part 2

JAMES BOND RADIO: An Interview with Two Professional James Bond Lookalikes – Part 1

VARIETY: ‘Mission: Impossible’ at 20: The Best & Worst of Tom Cruise

SHAREABLEE: The Top SNL Hosts on Social Media

VARIETY: Michael Douglas Honored at Charitable MPTF Event

SHAREABLEE: Superhero Showdown! Comic Book TV Shows Dominate Social Media

VARIETY: ‘Pretty in Pink’ at 30: The Best and Worst Films of John Hughes

VARIETY: ‘The X-Files’ Episode 5 Recap

SHAREABLEE: Video Games Battle for High Score on Social

VARIETY: ‘The X-Files’ Episode 4 Recap

VARIETY: ‘The X-Files’ Episode 3 Recap

VARIETY: ‘The X-Files’ Episode 2 Recap

VARIETY: ‘The X-Files’ Premiere Recap

VARIETY: Shia LaBeouf and Patrick Stewart Drop the Bomb at ‘Dr. Strangelove’ Live Read

VARIETY: Patricia Arquette and Christian Slater Reunite for ‘True Romance’ Live Read

VARIETY: The 12 Most Over-Hyped Movies of All-Time

VARIETY: ‘Edward Scissorhands’ at 25: From Box Office Misfire to Cinema Classic

VARIETY: ‘Creed’ and the 10 Best Franchise Rebirths

THE ROBOT’S VOICE: 10 Things We Learned From the Designer of He-Man

VARIETY: The 10 Most Unforgettable Bond Girls

VARIETY: Why We Never Saw Alfred Hitchcock’s Bond, and Three More Lost 007 Movies

ARTISTIC LICENSE RENEWED: Interview with Dr. Lisa Funnell, Author and Editor of “For His Eyes Only: The Women of James Bond”

VARIETY: ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Episode 6 Recap

VARIETY: ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Episode 5 Recap

THE ROBOT’S VOICE: 10 Secrets From the Directors of “Toy Masters”

VARIETY: ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Episode 4 Recap

VARIETY: Cast Members Recall ‘Lost in Space’ on its 50th Anniversary

VARIETY: ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Episode 3 Recap

VARIETY: ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Episode 2 Recap

VARIETY: ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Premiere Recap

VARIETY: The 10 Best Hip Hop Movies of All Time

ARTISTIC LICENSE RENEWED: Retracing Ian Fleming’s 1959 Trip to Los Angeles

VARIETY: ‘True Detective’ Season 2 Finale Recap

VARIETY: The Secret ‘Fantastic Four’ Film That No One Was Meant to See

VARIETY: ‘True Detective’ Recap: The Walls Close In

THE ROBOT’S VOICE: 12 Revelations From the Makers of Starchaser: The Legend of Orin in 3D

VARIETY: Eli Roth & Courtney Love Highlight ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ Live Read

VARIETY: ‘Jaws’ Anniversary: 10 Movies That Are Better Than The Book

VARIETY: The Best and Worst Disaster Movies of All Time

THE ROBOT’S VOICE: 10 Secrets From the Cast & Crew of the ’80s Rambo Cartoon

ARTISTIC LICENSE RENEWED: Audio Book Review: ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ Read by Rosamund Pike

THE ROBOT’S VOICE: 10 Revelations From the ‘He-Man’ Soundtrack Producers

HUBSPOT: The 12 Greatest Advertising Movies Ever Made

VARIETY: ‘Pretty Woman’ 25th Anniversary: 12 Hookers with Hearts of Gold

THE ROBOT’S VOICE: 10 Things We Learned From the 1986 ‘Transformers’ Movie’s Original Cast & Crew

HUBSPOT: The 12 Best Sales Movies of All Time

VARIETY: The Kinkiest Movies Ever Made

VARIETY: Laurence Fishburne Puts a Hit on Fred Savage in LACMA’s ‘Goodfellas’ Live Read

VARIETY: The 10 Best Guilty Pleasure Movies of 2014

VARIETY: Mark Hamill Goes to the Dark Side at Jason Reitman’s Live Reading of ‘The Empire Strikes Back’

VARIETY: ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ at 30: The Best and Worst of Eddie Murphy

VARIETY: Who Are the 14 Most Evil Bond Villains?

VARIETY: The Most Disgusting Comedies Ever Made

VARIETY: ‘Interstellar’ and the 10 Most Realistic Space Travel Films

VARIETY: Halloween Horrors: The 15 Scariest Films You’ve Never Seen

VARIETY: ‘Terminator’ at 30: The Best and Worst Films of Arnold Schwarzenegger

VARIETY: ‘The Terminator’ 30th Anniversary Screening: 6 Things We Learned from Cameron and Hurd

VARIETY: ‘Pulp Fiction’ at 20: Why It’s the Coolest Film of the ’90s

VARIETY: ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ at 20: How It Went From Bomb to Beloved

VARIETY: 7 Reasons Why “No Good Deed” Could Be a Late-Summer Sleeper

VARIETY: Badass Grandpas: ‘The Expendables 3’ and 12 More Seasoned Stars

VARIETY: Best Movie Animals: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & 11 More Ass-Kicking Critters

VARIETY: ‘Purple Rain’ at 30: Why It’s the Musical That Defined the 80s

VARIETY: ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ Anniversary: The Final Films of 12 Directors

VARIETY: 7 Crazy ‘Planet of the Apes’ Moments You Won’t Believe

VARIETY: 9 Ways Tim Burton’s ‘Batman’ Changed Superhero Movies Forever


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