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Variety: ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Episode 3 Recap

Building on the momentum of the previous episode, Sunday’s third installment of “Fear the Walking Dead” featured some of the most frightening moments in the series so far, as well as some of the dumbest. This wildly uneven entry probably won’t sway viewers who’ve already grown tired of the bland main characters, but might please fans who value well-orchestrated shivers and expertly crafted gore effects.

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Variety: ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Episode 2 Recap

After a slow-burn premiere that spent more time on the humdrum problems of an unremarkable L.A. family than it did on the looming apocalypse, Sunday’s second episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” turned up the heat considerably. The result was a tension-filled hour of television that improved on last week’s debut in every way.

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Variety: ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Premiere Recap

Emphasizing suspense and atmosphere over action and gore, Sunday’s 90-minute premiere of AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead” begins with a slight variation on the memorable opening moments of “The Walking Dead.” At the start of that series, Sheriff Rick Grimes awoke in an abandoned hospital after being injured in a violent shootout. In tonight’s episode, 19-year old junkie Nick Clark (Frank Dillane) wakes up in an abandoned Los Angeles church and gets rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car while fleeing from a hungry zombie.

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