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Variety: The 10 Best Guilty Pleasures of 2014

Introduction: When Pauline Kael wrote “movies are so rarely great art, that if we can’t appreciate great trash, there is little reason for us to go,” she may as well have been describing some of the films on this list. Combining elements of high and lowbrow art with varying degrees of success, these ten titles make up for in verve, goofiness and style what they lack in depth.

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Variety: 7 Reasons Why “No Good Deed” Could Be a Late-Summer Sleeper

No Good Deed
Introduction: In a summer dominated by ape warriors, transforming robots and wisecracking space raccoons, it’s difficult for low-budget non-effects-driven films to make a dent at the box office. And yet Screen Gems’ upcoming thriller “No Good Deed” hopes to accomplish just that. Arriving at the tail-end of the season, this story of a mother defending her home against an escaped convict includes a number of elements that could distinguish it from the pack. Invading theaters on September 12, here’s why “No Good Deed” could be a very late summer sleeper.

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