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PVD Horror: Interview with Matthew Chernov

A lively podcast interview with screenwriter and journalist Matthew Chernov about his work in the horror genre.

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Variety: 12 Horror Audiobooks That Will Chill Your Blood

Want something scary to listen to this October? Here are a dozen horror audiobooks that will terrify you.

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Variety: Rob Zombie and ‘3 from Hell’ Cast Offer Get-Well Wishes to Ailing Co-Star Sid Haig

Red carpet coverage from the premiere of Rob Zombie’s latest film.

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Variety: 10 Stephen King Films That Deserve Remakes

A list of 10 Stephen King films that would benefit from a fresh update.

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Variety: The Best and Worst Stephen King Adaptations Ranked

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 7.55.17 PM
A look at the 20 best (and 10 lamest) Stephen King movies.

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Variety: 30 Scariest Horror Movies Streaming in Time for Halloween

A special selection of thirty frightening films to stream this Halloween season.

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Variety: The 15 Scariest Films You’ve Never Seen

Introduction: ‘Tis the season to be scary! And what better way to celebrate Halloween than with a stack of macabre movies guaranteed to chill your blood. But once you’ve seen classics like “The Exorcist,” “The Shining” and the entire “Halloween” franchise a dozen times, what’s left to watch? For those brave enough to risk their sanity, here are 15 deeper cuts specially selected to satisfy your hunger for horror.

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